Interested in being a volunteer for Sportsworld 2021?

Awesome! Sportsworld exists as a local missions opportunity for the students of Denton Bible Church grades 6th–12th to minister to elementary aged kids in our community. Because we desire to be above reproach with the counselors and crew who will be entrusted with the campers during the week of Sportsworld, we have some criteria in place for those counselors and crew members. Here’s our criteria for all Sportsworld volunteers!

  • Counselors and Crew members must have just completed a grade from 6th – 12th grade the previous school year. (For example, if a student has completed 6th grade for the 2020-21 school year, they are eligible to be a Sportsworld Volunteer. If a student is any grade younger than that, they are eligible to be a camper, but not a volunteer.)
  • Counselors and Crew must be involved at Denton Bible Church. This means they must have a relationship with our church body so they are known by DBC staff or adult volunteers.
  • Counselors and Crew must obtain an email of recommendation from a DBC staff or volunteer if they are involved at DBC, but not if involved directly with Denton Bible Student Ministries.
  • Counselors and Crew must be able to attend the training session Saturday, June 19 before the week of camp.
  • Counselors and Crew must fill out and have a satisfactory report on a background check. And must have completed the online SAAT training (Ministry Safe).
  • Counselors and Crew must be able to attend all five days of camp. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
  • Counselors and Crew must fill out a Liability Waiver and Photo Consent waiver.

A note for those outside Denton Bible Church:

As far as our Sportsworld Counselors and Crew go, we do limit those spots for students who are involved at DBC since this is a local outreach event put on by Denton Bible Student Ministries. We do this so that we can have the utmost integrity in caring for the campers through out the week. Knowing the counselors is very important to us and helps us place them in groups properly, shepherd them well as they encounter campers issues, redirect them when needed and so forth.

Sign-ups for all volunteers, Games Crew and Counselors alike, will launch Sunday, April 18, 2021 in the Denton Bible Church Student Ministries Center. The final day to sign up is Sunday, May 23, 2o21 by 11:59 p.m (or until spots fill up). We will not be taking any sign-ups before Sunday, April 18, 2021, nor will we take any after May 23, 2021.


Required forms for Sportsworld Volunteers

To volunteer at Sportsworld, you will need to sign some forms and turn them in. Please look at the checklist below for more info.

  • Complete a DBC Volunteer Background Check. If you have participated as a volunteer with Sportsworld before, you will most likely have a background check on file, which we will re-run. No need to fill it out again. If you have never filled out a DBC Volunteer Background Check, it can be found below. Those who are 11 years old during the week of Sportsworld camp (June 21-25, 2021) do NOT need to fill out the background check because the minimum age for background checks are 12 years old. The Background Check can be filled out and turned in to a DBSM Staff member, emailed to our volunteer coordinators, turned in at a DBSM service, or turned in to the main DBC offices. All forms are due by Sunday, June 6.
  • Read, sign, and turn in a DBC Waiver and Liability Release and a DBC Photo Release. This is a requirement to complete before being able to participate in all DBSM events. The DBC Waiver and Liability release is required for all events. However, the photo release only needs to be signed once a year. Both waivers can be filled out and turned in to a DBSM Staff member, emailed to our volunteer coordinators, turned in at a DBSM service, or turned in to the main DBC offices. All forms are due by Sunday, June 6.
  • Watch the mandatory Ministry Safe training videos and complete the quiz. You will receive an email from Joe Calfee (jcalfee@dentonbible.org) with a unique link to the Ministry Safe Training site and quiz in the coming weeks. The link is unique to only you – so please do not forward it on to others. If you have already completed this training in the past two years (since June 25, 2019) then you are good. If you have not, you will need to complete it as soon as you receive the email. This is also due by Sunday, June 6.
  • Attend the mandatory meeting that is Saturday, June 19 from 3-6 p.m. in the SMC. Make sure to email our Volunteer coordinators if you are not able to attend no later than June 14.