What forms are required for my Sportsworld camper?

A Liability Waiver for Denton Bible Church is required to participate in Sportsworld. Also required for campers to participate in Sportsworld are the Denton Bible Church Photo Consent forms. We also take pictures and videos throughout the week and create End of the Day Slideshows that we show at the end of every day as well as Sportsworld Promo and End of the Week videos that we post online. The videos are password protected, but we would like your consent for your student to be photographed during the week. To download and print these forms, click the button below.

What forms are required to be a Sportsworld Volunteer?

Volunteer Background Check for all volunteers, counselors and coaches included, will need one of these on file with the Denton Bible Church office. If you’ve filled one of these out in the past, then no need to fill one out again unless your previous background check did not include your social security number; we’ll re-run it for it to be up-to-date unless a new one is required. A Children and Student Protection Policy is also required for all of volunteers. Every volunteer that works with children and students of our church must read and sign this document. If you’ve signed one of these in the past, no need to do so again.