What is the point of Sportsworld?

At Sportsworld, we teach the students truth, but we also strive to make this week absolutely insane! We want kids to remember how much fun they had, how crazy they went, and how many friends they made. We make a huge effort to make Sportsworld a high-energy experience for these kiddos.

How Much Does Camp Cost?

A fun-filled week at Sportsworld costs $95 per camper. Payment must be made in full in order to reserve a camper’s spot.

What Do I Do At Check In Monday Morning?

  • Park in the SMC parking lot (located at 2010 Nottingham Dr on the corner of University and Nottingham) Please look for the Sportsworld banners.
  • Check in will be from 8 – 9 a.m. on Monday morning only in the SMC Auditorium accessible only through the exterior entrance to the Auditorium and not our main entrances. (There will be signs posted to help you!)
  • Find the line that corresponds to your camper’s last name by referring to the signs behind each table.

What Do I Need At Check In?

  • Please bring a completed waiver and release of liability form (which can be downloaded here or filled out the day of registration) and photo consent (which can be downloaded here or filled out the day of registration.
  • We ask that you please be patient with the registration process on Monday morning 🙂

What does my camper need to bring during the week?

Monday, June 22nd is check-in day! This means we will do our best to move the lines quickly and personally get you camper to the appropriate line. There are a few things you can do to help this process move quickly:

  1. Have your signed waiver read to hand in before you come.
  2. Find the appropriate line according to the letters behind each table that will correspond with your campers last name.
  3. Be sure and let the person at the registration table know of any medical conditions or other helpful information.
  4. Once you have checked in your camper, they will be handed to a counselor who will personally walk them into the SMC.
  5. Each camper will receive a bracelet at check in that has their color and line number on it. Please remember this number.

What does my camper need to bring during the week?

  1. Every day your camper will need a sack lunch with his or her name written on it. We HIGHLY recommend a sack instead of a lunch box so they don’t have to keep up with it all day.
  2. Closed-toed athletic shoes are recommended for all campers as we plan to keep them on their toes! We also have a NO CLEATS policy in order to keep campers safe.
  3. We have equipment for each sport, so if your camper does not have their own they can certainly use what is provided. However, we do have a limited number of baseball/softball gloves so if you send them with a glove please write their name on it.
  4. Sportsworld wouldn’t be Sportsworld without Ya-Ya, so check the date that your camper’s sport will be participating to make sure your camper shows up with a swimsuit and towel. Ya-Ya replaces their sports clinic for the day, so they will not be participating on their Ya-Ya day.
  5. We want you to experience Sportsworld too, so parents and families are invited to join us Friday at 2 p.m. where we will have a crazy time of performances, camper awards and goody bags. Not to mention we will announce the winning team!

How do I drop off my camper each day?

  • Our day begins at 9 a.m., so campers should arrive around 8:45 a.m. and you (or someone you’ve given permission) MUST sign them in to their line. Please note that the SMC doors will not be opened before 8:30 a.m., so any campers who arrive before 8:30 a.m. will be in your care until the doors are opened.
  • This does not apply to Monday as you will check them in early and do not need to sign them in.

What is the daily schedule?

  • 8:45 Campers Arrive @ the SMC
  • 9:00 Warm Ups Daily Lessons
  • 9:30 Sports Clinics
  • 12:00 Lunch (Bring Your Own)
  • 12:30 Devo Time
  • 1:00 Game Competition
  • 2:30 Review of the Day
  • 3:00 Dismiss @ the SMC

How do I pick up my camper each day?

  • We dismiss each day at 3 p.m. in the SMC.
  • You must come inside the SMC and find your camper’s line. Please make sure you come in to sign out your camper as we put high expectations on our counselors to have them signed out for the campers’ safety.
  • You or someone you have given permission MUST sign your camper out each day.

What does all the Sportsworld terminology mean?

  • “Red and Blue” basically rule Sportsworld!  Each camper will be placed in a line that is either on the red or blue team! The campers will compete all week to earn more points to beat the other team! You will quickly learn this camp can be more about Red vs. Blue than sports!
  • A “line” is a physical line taped in either red or blue that your camper will be placed in with a counselor who is in charge of the line. This is the way they are organized in every aspect of the day except during their sport.
  • A “counselor” is a middle school or high school student whom we have had in our ministry at least one year and they are assigned to a line of campers. (There will be more than one counselor per line).
  • “Games” are played during the afternoon and this is where we have a ton of mini games where red vs. blue is at its finest. These games have nothing to do with their sports and a lot to do with crazy fun.
  • The “mascots” appear on day two of camp and each team will have a leader that will bring excitement to his or her team each day.
  • “Ya-Ya” is short for “Ya-Ya in the Wa-Wa”. This is an assigned day that each sport takes a break from playing their sport and they spend their time playing the wettest water games of their lives.

Who are the counselors and games crew?

  • Our staff can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of our counselors. These are students who do an AMAZING job caring for and loving on their campers. Their biggest task is to become each camper’s number one fan. We want campers to feel loved and accepted by their counselors.
  • A counselor’s job is to maintain a safe and fun environment for all the campers.
  • Our counselors and crew members are made up of 6th -12th graders who are a part of Denton Bible Church. Each counselor and crew member is personally known by a DBC staff person, goes through a counselor and crew training session, and a background check. We make every effort to ensure the highest integrity among our students who serve as counselors.

Counselor and Crew Criteria

Sportsworld Counselor and Crew Criteria Sportsworld exists as a local missions opportunity for the students of Denton Bible Church grades 6th – 12th to minister to elementary aged kids in our community. Because we desire to be above reproach with the counselors and crew who will be entrusted with the campers during the week of Sportsworld, we have some criteria in place for those counselors and crew members.

  1. Counselors and Crew members must have just completed a grade from 6th – 12th grade the previous school year.
  2. Counselors and Crew must be involved at Denton Bible Church. This means they must have a relationship with our church body so they are known by DBC staff or volunteers.
  3. Counselors and Crew must obtain an email of recommendation from a DBC staff or volunteer if they are involved at DBC, but not involved directly with Denton Bible Student Ministries.
  4. Counselors and Crew must be able to attend the training session the Saturday before the week of camp.
  5. Counselors and Crew must fill out and have a satisfactory report on a background check.
  6. Counselors and Crew must be able to attend all 5 days of camp. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
  7. The only way to sign up as a Counselor is in person at the Student Ministries Center.

Who are the head coaches?

These are men and women we hand select and bring on because of their faith, integrity and expertise in certain sports.

What is devo time?

  • This is a time of the day that each line breaks off and the counselors spend time getting to know your campers.
  • Also, they will be going through small group discussion questions with them pertaining to the talk given that morning.

What should my camper bring?

  • A sack lunch (lunch boxes are NOT recommended because they will easily get lost) every day with their full name & line number on it, which counselors will place in their line’s bin.
  • Campers do not need to bring iPods, phones, expensive sporting equipment, etc. We will provide every piece of equipment needed for them except for baseball gloves, though we do have some on hand if needed so if you don’t own one then no problem!
  • Campers are welcome to bring their own things such as bats, gloves, shin guards, tennis racquets, etc. However, we highly recommend you write their full name on the equipment because it is a high probability that they will lose it throughout the day.
  • On your camper’s scheduled Ya-Ya day (see below) they will need to wear a swim suit and bring a towel. They will not be going to their sport on this day and will be soaked the entire day. They may want to bring some clothes to wear over their swim suit, but there will be no need to change clothes.
  • After Monday your camper will learn what color team they are on (red or blue) and they will slowly begin to bug you about that color. So we encourage our campers to wear their color each day after Monday.

Where does everything take place?

We bus out one sport to nearby parks and schools, but everything else is on-campus at various locations. The SMC is our headquarters and that is where much of the day is spent.

What about the heat?

Here in Texas it can get pretty hot!! We try and keep our campers cool a couple of ways:

  • There are water stations built into each sport
  • NO camper will be “pushed” to stay in a drill if they become tired or thirsty
  • Lunch break in the SMC A/C (while watching classic Veggie Tales)
  • Fun games in the afternoon that many of which include a lot of water!!

What about the awards on Friday?

Parents, please join us Friday, June 26th at 2 p.m. in the SMC to experience a small dose of Sportsworld, which will include:

  1. Individual awards presented
  2. Each individual sport breaking up for presentations and awards
  3. AND we will find out which team wins it all!! RED OR BLUE?

What other campers will my kid(s) be with?

This is a two fold answer. During his or her “sport” time they will be with other campers who signed up for that specific sport. Usually there are sub groups organized in those sports by age. The main way we keep up with campers however, is by what we call lines. They are put in a line (numbered 1-40) according to age. We do our best to put them in lines with some of the friends you might have requested on their registration form. However, please know that it is impossible to get every camper in line with every friend they’ve requested. Counselors then are assigned a “line” as well and they stay with those campers all day except during the sports. During that time they will go with their head coaches and counselors who also signed up for that sport.

How do I contact DBSM Staff?

The best way to get in touch with us during this week is by email.


What sports are offered?

The sports offered at Sportsworld are:

  • basketball
  • football (boys only)
  • soccer
  • baseball (boys only)
  • softball (girls only)
  • tennis
  • dance (girls only)
  • cheer (girls only)
  • volleyball (girls only)