Camper in the House

Interested in registering a camper for Sportsworld in the House?

We are disappointed that we will not be able to have campers join us in-person this year. However, we will be releasing a short episode each day for our campers filled with all things Sportsworld to watch at home! This daily virtual experience “Sportsworld In The House” will air the normal week of camp of June 22-26, starting every morning at 11amThis virtual camp experience will cost each camper $20 and will include five daily episodes released at 11am each day (password protected link) and also a camper box delivered to your doorstep on Monday morning including a t-shirt, other amazing gifts, treats and fun surprises for your camper(s)! 

  • Registration for Sportsworld in the House will begin immediately and will go until we fill up.
  • Camp is Monday, June 22 to Friday, June 26, 2020 at 11am
  • Sportsworld boxes will be delivered on Monday
  • Campers must have just completed any grade, Kindergarten through 5th, with an age minimum of 6 years old to register
  • The cost is $20.
  • The viewing will only be accessible via a password-protected link.

Register now to receive your Sportsworld in the House camper box and access link!

If you have any questions about Sportsworld in the House, please direct them to Ryan Carr.